Ignorance- an original poem

"Bliss & Ignorance" by Kathryn Renee
Bliss & Ignorance” by Kathryn Renee

Is there a difference between ignorance and bliss?
More often than not I find myself wondering this.
In the past I would’ve stacked them as separate tiers,
but now I’m not so sure that things are as they appear.

Ignorance is a coating of concrete atop soil,
acting as adamant armor that seals the cracks of
a loose disposition.
Bliss is the organic and honest puddle that boils,
and as the sun kisses its tears
it smiles in submission.

Separate tiers?
Or shields of fear?

There is no difference between ignorance and bliss,
for incapacity soothes euphoria’s fierce hiss.
It knows of the poisons that shriek the atmosphere,
and wraps its arms around rapture until the skies clear.