I Remember- an original poem

by Arantza Sestayo
by Arantza Sestayo

I remember soft silk
slipping between fingers,
and warm, honeyed words
blanketing the night.
I remember your voice,
your breath and sweet whispers…
I remember the eve
melting into the light.

We were fools, they will say,
stupid and witless in lust.
We rode our steeds into the sun,
numb as we withered to dust.
We were children, they said,
naive and callow in sin,
We sucked the venom from their words,
laughing as it stained our grins.

I remember green fire
licking at your screams,
and a blackened blade
that tore apart seams.
I remember your voice,
telling me not to fear…
I remember that lie,
because you aren’t here.