Now That You’re Gone- an original poem

"Lines Hold The Memories" by Agnes-Cecile
Lines Hold The Memories” by Agnes-Cecile

I remember your touch,
like the pattering of rain before a storm-
prominent yet gentle,
and warm as it drips onto my skin,
breathing a sigh of warning
for the gale to come.
I do that often now;
All I seem to do is remember,
now that you’re gone.
I reach back in time and see your eyes,
alight with playfulness and mystery and intrigue-
and I wonder why you left,
when your blaze was so young.
I wonder a lot of things,
now that you’re gone.
I wonder why the night ever seemed so sweet,
like a blanketing of ink upon
a bed of stars, painting its mellow ‘good night’
across the sky.
Now it just seems cold
and dark and unwelcoming.
The night’s become a stranger,
now that you’re gone.
I wonder why the fire in the hearth,
which once kindled endless embraces
and sparked a passion untold,
seems so dank and dull.
It’s dying, that fire,
if it’s not already dead.
Its embers have dwindled,
crumbling to choking dust,
now that you’re gone.
I remember your voice,
like a long lost melody humming
against my ear, and I can almost
see your lips mold to its tune,
as you sing the night away.
You sing a song to me,
etched with bliss and pain and power,
and I smile as your voice envelopes me.
And I’m happy,
for once.
I do that a lot now;
All I seem to do is remember,
now that you’re gone.