Beads of Memories – an original poem

Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist

You live forever in the wind,
and your voice
breaks the waves of the surf.
No matter where I go
you’ll be there,
because your words
streak the sky and the earth.

When the night grows cold
and all the stars seem bleak,
your touch will linger on my lips.
For within these somber halls
there is no light to seek
and I am lost
in the shadow of the

Linked within this chain
I tell you it’s true,
that I am so lost
without you.
Don’t you see
this spell you have cast on me,
strung in the beads of my memories.
Why did you have to go
and leave me lost
and so alone?
Now I have
nothing but my shattered dreams,
dangling in my bruised memories.

Every word you speak’s
another bead to add
to your endless
string of dead promises.
But I’m stronger now
with your beads
strung around my neck,
and I will never
take them off
and acquiesce.

This poem is actually the lyrics to the first few verses for a piano solo I wrote, so it might be a little different from my usual writing. In the future, I might add on to it as I refine and tie together the last loose ends of the piano score.