Grown-Up — a quartet of haikus

A daubed memory:
a singular tin soldier
stands guard in the rain.

A stained memory:
battles wage with wooden swords
in an oak’s shadow.

A scrubbed memory:
a voice sings through lightning bugs,
it’s time for dinner!

A lost memory:
weapons resign in the grass;
the foe dissipates.

© 2016 Stellular Scribe


Take back your feathers — a haiku 

Take back your feathers,
for I’m too heavy to fly.
You’re too fast for me.

© 2016 Stellular Scribe


Love — a haiku

Such sweet melody,
unchallenged by time and tear —
so is love’s caress.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe


Reign — a haiku trio

"Lady Knight" by Janaina Medeiros
Lady Knight” by Janaina Medeiros

Splitting the heavens,
a deluge of might and right —
so shall be my reign.

A tempest of time
governed by the clouds’ reach —
a gale without drain.

Ripe with roars and blasts,
thunderous they’ll swarm to aid —
marching with my strain.


If I Were A Star- a haiku duet

If I were a star,
would the night tide notice me-
a dust mite in dusk?

In a sea of suns,
how can one speck stir the sky?
Am I bright enough?


Distant, But Not Far- a trio of haikus

"Dawn Over Whiterun Hold" by Richard Falla
Dawn Over Whiterun Hold” by Richard Falla

Untied by time’s touch,
sun and stone and sky and sea
become kin to me.

Here the mountains sing
softly, like a brother’s hymn-
humming, I listen.

I watch life unfold
from my seat up in the stars,
distant, but not far.