after — an original poem

"After the Battle" by Daniel Tyka
After the Battle” by Daniel Tyka

smoke has settled
and the ground’s soaked up the red
night has tucked her blade
and left to break her bread
all the wanderers
have lined up foot to head
I have buried them
and laid them into bed

I am not my father’s son
though he may stir and grip his gun
I am not the army’s man
I left them long ‘fore I began
I am not a child of war
though hardened is my heart to gore

I am just the aftermath, you see.

words have crumbled
and there’s no one left to weep
time has torn apart
what we once swore to keep
all the wayfarers
have drifted fast asleep
I have wondered why
my song had not been reaped

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

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