I Shall Take What is Mine — an original poem

I shall take what is mine
by the throne of the gods —
and how can you resist
when you’re at such odds?
You call it corruption,
I call it my right —
you taint it as tyranny,
I say it’s my might!

Come at me demon,
by ye desire or death —
dare strike me down,
dare steal my breath!
Come at me, corruption,
give wind to my wings —
and bow to your maker,
swear oath to your king!

For I know your weakness,
I’ve read your sign,
and by the throne of the gods
I shall take what is mine.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

A Land Unbound — an original poem

A land unbound
shudders beneath the grandfather storm,
breathing, gasping,
on tears that are its own.

A land unbound
drowned its voice in the first mighty flood,
now it nudges,
reaches, yearns
to find its departed sky.

A land unbound
cannot abide the feet of men that leave scars
twisting, burning,
searing its uncharted skin.

A land unbound
is bound to be bound,
and I weep

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

salt of the earth — an original poem

the salt of the earth
or whatever

at least

that’s what God says

salt from dust
dust from ashes
ashes from nothing
nothing from Him

i wonder
sitting in sand
with sea in my mouth

if i am salt

if i am savory enough

salt of the earth
to dust you will return
but not before
you stamp the ashes of your sin

i feel sick

if i am salt
then how do i

without water
there is just

salt sucks life
worming between my toes
is the very marriage
of the two

sweet contradiction
bitter is your truth
sour your tongue
but just salt in the end

the salt of the earth
or whatever

at least

that’s what God says