Horizon- and original poem

"Nomad" by James Zapata
Nomad” by James Zapata

“The horizon is my
final destination,”
I said
when they asked where I
was planning to go.
“Where the earth crumbles off
in an eternal cliff,
where the sky stretches so thin
that there’s no wind to blow,
where the trees forget to stop growing
and the stars swallow the sea.
I go where time ends,
and also where it begins-
the horizon is where I flee.”
When pressed with the question
about my intentions,
I laughed and replied,
“There is no reason why.
I want to see everything
on my way to nothing,
for before I dive off the end
I must swim through the beginning.”
They deemed me a case
and snickered, “Farewell!”
as I fastened my cloak and commenced
my migration.
But I do not care; I won’t see them again,
for the horizon is my
final destination.

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