Soon- an original poem


“Soon, my love,”
you said amidst silence,
“Soon I’ll return, and we’ll
dance in starlight
and drink from fountains
and never see hardship again.”

“Soon,” I repeated,
“you’ll return to me,
and even in rags we’ll be
richer than kings,
for you’re all I need
to live out my days wealthily.”

So I sat by the waves
and stared out to sea,
and waited right there
for you to return to me.
And still there I sat,
when seven years passed,
and your voice became thinner
as your memory lapsed.

“Soon, my love,”
I wept amidst silence,
“Soon you’ll return, and we’ll
lie on the silver sands
with the night on our backs
and we’ll be happy for as long as can be.”

“Soon,” I repeated,
“you’ll return to me,
and every promise you whispered
into my ear will come true,
and when I am nothing but stardust,
we’ll dance for all eternity.”


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