I Hear The Laughs- original poem

I hear the laughs, the cruel, barking laughs,
Like a gull hears an oncoming storm.
I hear the whispers, the croaking, wet whispers,
Before their owners even take form.
The sneers reach my ears and my eyes start to tear,
As the shadows elongate on the floor.
They trudge as they judge with an unjustified grudge,
I tense up; preparing for what’s in store.

What did I do to provoke them this way?
Was it something I did? What did I say?
Their dedicated contempt is a wrench in the side,
A brutal reminder that I am despised.
I know I don’t deserve this leering and spite,
So why does it keep me awake at night?
Sticks and stones may sting, they say words are just small,
But it is those words that are the most degrading of all.

This is something I wrote about a year back. Pretty much everyone has gone through one form of bullying or another at some point in their life, whether they be young or old. This is a tribute to those who struggle against verbal or any other kind of abuse. Stay strong, because it does get better.

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