What’s in the Stars? – original poem

Kosmos I
“Kosmos I” by Anne Waldvogel

What’s in the stars?
Is it the matter of men?
Is it the dust of the world,
The meaning of when?

Alight and aloof,
Can they even comprehend
That they’re the dawn of all things,
Beginning and end?

Do you believe
That the stars govern us all
That we are subject to fate
And in the end must fall?

Or are they but
Witnesses to this time and place,
Gazers on a world and realm,
An age and a race?

Do they behold
Our sickness, sadness and strife?
Do they laugh at our weakness,
Our flaws and our fright?

Or do they brush
Our actions with fated flare?
Are they harbingers of fortune
Or grim doomsayers?

What’s in the stars?
A question best left unsaid.
For those fierce beasts of the black
May bear bliss or dread.

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