Stronger – a Haiku Quartet

Survivor Revisited
Survivor Revisited” by Lynn Dobbins

I am not controlled
by the worming beast that nests
within my body.

I am stronger still
for the scathing claws it wields
can never rule me.

I will never stop
waging my long fought battle
against its army.

I am more than this
disease, so its fatal hands
won’t ever mold me.

I recently lost someone young to cancer, and I’ve been reflecting a lot on her message lately. Though I never knew her that well, she was always so cheery and positive, and made everyone feel like they were her best friend. Which I think was true; she was best friends with everyone. And more than anything, she never let the disease rule her. This string of haikus is my feeble attempt at paying tribute to her and her incredible and heartbreaking journey.