When We Surrendered Gladness

Hot breath on collarbones and
cotton sheets between my toes
is all I really need to know
when questioning contentment.

See, there’s no feeling quite like
fingers lingering lax in hair or
misplacing last night’s underwear
when waking braced with bliss.

Your hands, they never told me no,
and I, how I, forgot to go
when your room leaked with shadows
and we surrendered gladness.

Morning never tasted sweet
before I met it from your sheets
while listening to your soft heartbeat —
in the arms of satisfaction.

© 2016 Stellular Scribe

2 thoughts on “When We Surrendered Gladness

  1. It’s always lovely to discover poetry like this, really playful and engaging work, which uses rhythm and rhyme as a tool to elicit meaning, almost as much as the words themselves.
    The pacing is quite alluring too, and the feeling of the speaker being happily led towards contentment transferred to this reader, because I felt like you were happily leading me in much the same way. The third stanza was a particularly lovely example of the pacing, the pause and repetition of ‘I’ was much enjoyed.
    I like this one a lot, and I shall be following for more please!

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