Music Mondays: Part XII

When you’re seeking inspiration for writing, you should always look to mediums that interest you. Penning the epic of a Viking clansman? Listen to a non-stop loop of Nordic chanting! Writing about a cabaret singer in 1920s Germany? Look up different swing artists and listen to some period music!

Today, I bring two playlists that I put together to cater to my specific interests. First up, we have a mix that delves into ancient Scottish mythology. Transport yourself to foggy beaches and selkie sightings with “when the sea fills your lungs.”

In case it wasn’t obvious by the theme of my writing blog and username, I have a penchant for the vast unknowns of space and time. “Nebulous” is a playlist that explores the questions that cross your mind when stargazing on a clear night.

If anyone is interested in these playlists and wants to know the full track list, leave a comment and I’ll let you know.

Happy writing!:)


3 thoughts on “Music Mondays: Part XII

  1. I love your Musical Mondays and your blog (which also made me realize that despite having a multitude of your playlists saved and liked, I hadn’t actually followed you). You inspired me to do Musical Mondays too, even they weren’t originally Mondays for me. I really like your playlists and think they are awesome! Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling and gushing now.

    Okay but really quick, two questions: 1) how do you make such awesome playlists and 2) how do you manage to post regularly? I struggle with both the most. Thanks ahead of time.


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! It’s amazing to see someone else embracing writing + music (don’t they just go so well together?). To answer your first question, I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to other people’s playlists, looking up similar artists, and seeing what fits my “theme.” I pay a lot of attention to the soundtracks of movies, tv series, and video games, because I find that that kind of music works well as a “backdrop” to different settings and characters. For your second question, it wasn’t until quite recently that I decided I wanted to get serious about blogging (before that…it was lucky if I posted once a week). Basically, all I did was set up a schedule of what I wanted to post on different days throughout the week (for example, Mondays are for music). As I’m a perpetually exhausted student, I can only afford the weekends to spend busting out as much content as I can. Then I schedule everything to post throughout the week, and use my free time to re-vise stuff. Best of luck, and I hope that helped! 🙂


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