Somewhere — an original poem

"On the Earth" by algenpfleger
On the Earth” by algenpfleger

I’m going somewhere.
Somewhere… Somewhere? Somewhere! Somewhere somewhere somewheresomewheresomewhere.
No matter how I say it, it doesn’t sound real.
Doesn’t seem real. Like it’s not even a place.
Maybe it isn’t. Maybe somewhere’s nowhere.
But I’m going there.

Some, as in some place —
some island, some ocean, some mountain, mountains? can some be more than one?
some mansion, some shanty, some tavern, some rathole, some chateau —
some, as in unsure,
in amount and manner and quality.
But some can be certain
so why is it not certain? why is it unspecified
when it’s meant to be specific?
Maybe it isn’t. Maybe somewhere’s undecided.
But I’m going there.

Where, as in what place?
it’s a certain place, sure, but what is the way?
it’s an unclear place, of course, so why is there a where?
what respect? what end? what source? whence?
where is not here, but it can be a place, but not a real place,
but obviously it’s somewhere —
where, as in when and why and from what?
in or at, can’t know for sure,
so what’s its goal? why is it elusive
when it’s meant to be determined?
Maybe it isn’t. Maybe somewhere’s shy.
But I’m going there.

Somewhere somewhere SOMEWHERE somewheresomewheresomewheresomewhere.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

Just a poet’s note: I think I broke my brain trying to write this. Sorry in advance.
P.S. Happy New Year! 🙂

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