I like the way — an original poem

I like the way your lashes curl.
They’re shy, they are,
but they’re hiding stars —
I like the way your smile unfurls.

Oh, how you think it curious
that one could write of lashes
or compare smiles to caches
(for yours hides treasure, you know).
But my words aren’t spurious,
though you don’t see that, do you?
my heart, it goes right through you
(I’d weep; nothing’s left to show).

Fathoming’s a feat of faith,
and faith’s a gift I demand from you.
Greed can grant me this one request —
my question naked: is it true?
Are you blind to understanding?
Or is my notion of it skewed?

How can you beat the one I love?
How can you lie and turn your face?
How can you hurt the one I love?
How can you treat her with disgrace?

How dare you beat the one I love.
How dare you try to dispose of
the lashes that curl
the ones I like
the pure-hearted girl
the smile I like
the untarnished pearl
the heart I like.


Because I like the way your lashes curl,
it’s selfish, I know, and I realize,
but I love the way your smile unfurls —
now if only you would open your eyes.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

Solitary — an original poem

"solitude" by ka-92
solitude” by ka-92

Solitary, somewhere
solitary, somewhere
solitary, I

Embittered by the blind
who see
resentful of the safe
who flee
unforgiving to the rich
who plea
offended by

Purpose I will chase,
I swear
meaning I will trace,
I dare
the truth I will embrace,
but where?

Solitary, somewhere
solitary, somewhere
solitary, I

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

Mage — an original poem

"MBX Vol 02 06 Karna Refuses" by Nisachar
MBX Vol 02 06 Karna Refuses” by Nisachar

We who tread through endless night
and know the secrets of the earth,
we who bear the spirit light
and hold the threads of death and birth.

We who’ve touched the untold planes
and sang the songs of gods undone,
we who’ve mastered wind and rain
and forged great power from the sun.

We who conjure back from bleak
ancient hymns both blessed and tragic,
we who never cease to seek —
we who practice and preach magic.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

My Arrow Is My Eye — an original poem

by Kekai Kotaki
by Kekai Kotaki

My arrow is my eye,
it looses with a sigh,
I follow it and know where it
will land before it flies.

Crunching armor, broken blades batter,
steel’s a charmer, it doesn’t matter —
a soldier’s game is rough and unrefined;
but an archer’s blow is dealt with her mind.

Once in the knee,
twice in the chest,
go for the throat
and your chances are best —
pick off the weak,
put down the frail,
mock the muscle
aim through the mail!

My arrow is my eye,
it glares across the sky,
I follow it and see through it
for the arrow, true, is I.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

these worlds we unravel — an original poem

by Katie De Sousa
“Marian concept art” by Katie De Sousa

these worlds we unravel
between the sheets of our dreams
are mist on our skin
the peppermint air that we breathe

they taste like tomorrow
somewhere black cannot bleed
and I long to reach into
the worlds we unweave

almost touching infinity
but I can’t cut the strings
almost free from reality
but still the noose clings

these worlds we unravel
with fingers numb from the night
are words from our tale
from the story that we write

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

Somewhere — an original poem

"On the Earth" by algenpfleger
On the Earth” by algenpfleger

I’m going somewhere.
Somewhere… Somewhere? Somewhere! Somewhere somewhere somewheresomewheresomewhere.
No matter how I say it, it doesn’t sound real.
Doesn’t seem real. Like it’s not even a place.
Maybe it isn’t. Maybe somewhere’s nowhere.
But I’m going there.

Some, as in some place —
some island, some ocean, some mountain, mountains? can some be more than one?
some mansion, some shanty, some tavern, some rathole, some chateau —
some, as in unsure,
in amount and manner and quality.
But some can be certain
so why is it not certain? why is it unspecified
when it’s meant to be specific?
Maybe it isn’t. Maybe somewhere’s undecided.
But I’m going there.

Where, as in what place?
it’s a certain place, sure, but what is the way?
it’s an unclear place, of course, so why is there a where?
what respect? what end? what source? whence?
where is not here, but it can be a place, but not a real place,
but obviously it’s somewhere —
where, as in when and why and from what?
in or at, can’t know for sure,
so what’s its goal? why is it elusive
when it’s meant to be determined?
Maybe it isn’t. Maybe somewhere’s shy.
But I’m going there.

Somewhere somewhere SOMEWHERE somewheresomewheresomewheresomewhere.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

Just a poet’s note: I think I broke my brain trying to write this. Sorry in advance.
P.S. Happy New Year! 🙂