Tale- an original poem

"Speaking Through Paint" by Meghan Arts Scozarri
Speaking Through Paint” by Meghan Arts Scozarri

Her words shimmered alongside the fire,
rippling with life and light,
and in that moment, I wanted nothing more
than to sit there and allow her sweet words
to nourish me ’til the end of my days.
My eyes were weighed down by the night,
but her voice, like a star rising
from the sea,
possessed my ears and quenched my lethargy-
flooding my mind with her melody.
She speaks softly, yet louder than a siren.
She speaks cooly, yet warmer than a flame.
How her lips mold to stories
is magnificent to me-
and I hope that this tale she weaves
never ends.

4 thoughts on “Tale- an original poem

  1. Her lip colour speak the langauge of serene beauty
    simply pulling me closer to listen
    feeling the warmth of her voice that speak sweet words of hope,
    That fire that burns around her words
    command me to listen not only with my ears but with my heart
    Her lips tell a tale understood by those who draw themselve closer to feel her warmth and kindness

    *I am inspired*


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