The Titan’s Tremble


“And why does the air smell of soot?”
the young squire asked.
“It reeks of a fire long dead.”

“A Titan stomped its flaming foot,”
the old knight said,
“and its stride cooked the earth red.”

“And why is the dirt strewn with bones?”
the young squire asked.
“Those empty white eyes cannot weep.”

“A Titan sighed a hungry moan,”
the old knight said,
“and peeled their flesh with his teeth.”

“And why do black clouds crowd the sky?”
the young squire asked,
“For it has not rained in years.”

“The Titan’s peace was a bold lie,”
the old knight said.
“His tremble shakes the sky with tears.”

Here is another ‘song’ from the project I’m working on. Again, there is a backstory to this poem, but I hope that the ‘lyrics’ portray enough. My first poem/song from this series was The Lily Lords.


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