From You- an original poem

"Father and Son at the Ocean" by Carol Jinier
Father and Son at the Ocean” by Carol Jinier

From you
I’ve learned that no fish
is too big to be reeled in,
so long as the rod you wield
doesn’t splinter in two
in the process.

From you
I’ve learned that sneaking
snapping turtles into the back of your car
and driving them home to show
off to the kids is a perfectly
normal thing to do,
so long as the bugger doesn’t
bite your heels off
before you get there.

From you
I’ve learned that growing
potatoes is no planting venture for the faint of heart,
and that when over-encumbered with spuds,
there are countless ways to cook them,
so long as you use your

From you
I’ve learned a lot of things,
like how to talk to science fair judges
without melting into a puddle on the spot,
and how to gut a fish without
getting the intestines all over my fingers.
I learned that softballs don’t fly when
I don’t keep my eye on the prize,
and that you have to be very quiet
when stalking night-crawlers under the stars.

But from you
I’ve learned perhaps the most important lesson:
that no matter where you are, what age you claim,
what wisdom you boast and what knowledge you name-
you are never done learning.

This poem was specially written for my incredible father. Happy Father’s Day everyone!


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