I Watch You Slip- an original poem

"Flight From Dementia" by Jan Sewall
Flight From Dementia” by Jan Sewall

I watch you slip
through the cracks
of consciousness,
and it’s killing me
slowly and
as the light
in your eyes evaporates.
Now all you offer me is a blank stare;
no notions, no understanding-
you see me, but don’t see me,
and you ask me my name.
You wonder who I am.
You wonder where we are.

Don’t you remember?

As we sit on the bench,
I watch you slip
through the cracks
of your own mind,
and it wrenches me to see
you point in the distance,
directing my attention
to something that’s not there.
I try to see, I say I see-
and you smile, saying what
a nice young person I am,
what a nice, pleasant stranger.
I cling to your words, hoping
that within one of them I will
find a glowing ember
that will ignite
a spark, a memory-
But nothing’s there,
and we sit on the bench,
no more than strangers
in a world shifting with

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